Friends Central Perk Couch Will Appear at Famous Landmarks Worldwide

By David Basch on at

Many of us here at Giz UK are huge Friends fans, and are delighted that the influential sitcom is celebrating its 25th anniversary by taking the Central Perk couch on a world tour with stops in the US, EU and more.

30 replicas of the iconic couch as featured throughout the series and in its opening sequence will be popping up at landmarks across the world over the next few months. The full list of European locations is below, though not all locations have a set date at the time of writing.

  • The London Eye (Sept. 22)
  • Abbey Road (London)
  • Venice International Film Festival (Italy)
  • Stonehenge
  • Ross Fountain (Edinburgh, Scotland)
  • Cardiff Castle (Wales) (Sept. 19)
  • Potters Field/Tower Bridge (London) (Sept. 20)
  • Triton Fountain (Rome) (Sept. 21-22)
  • Royal Palace (Madrid) (Oct. 1-Nov. 30)
  • Sony Centre (Berlin) (Sept. 21-22)
  • Jardin du Palais Royal (Paris) (Sept. 12)

"If you had told me that we’re going to come up with a show that, 25 years later, one piece off furniture is so iconic you could put it in the Empire State Building and you’d know what it is, It’s beyond surreal," co-creator David Crane said in an interview.

He's right, too. The couch is arguably as recognisable as any of the titular characters, and was home to many a memorable scene across the show's storied history. Now, with a whole new generation getting comfy with the Friends couch thanks to Netflix, its already monumental fame can only grow from here. The couch is so popular in fact, that it was recently immortalised in high-quality plastic for its own Lego set through the Lego Ideas programme. If that's not making it I don't know what is. [USAToday]

Featured image: Warner Bros. TV