Gatwick Airport Gets Vodafone 5G as Part of 5-Year Plan to Be the UK's Leading Smart Airport

By Shabana Arif on at

Gatwick airport's South Terminal is getting 5G coverage thanks to Vodafone, and it's not just the passengers who'll benefit.

Vodafone's 5G network will also be facilitating automated check-in and boarding procedures at the airport, as well as an upcoming trial that will see the roll-out of parking robots. The airport was set to trial robot valets earlier this year on a three-month basis, but it was seemingly pushed back to the second half of 2019 (via Airport Technology), and will no doubt have an easier time getting off the ground with the availability of 5G.

"The installation of hundreds of kilometres of fibre at the airport will enable us to offer great coverage to the millions of people who use Gatwick Airport each year, as well as to connect its systems and vehicles on site," said Scott Petty, Vodafone chief technology officer. "For example, by connecting mobility carts, airport staff will know where they are at all times, meaning they are better able to help passengers who need support."

The North Terminal will be getting 5G early next year. The advent of 5G at the airport is part of Gatwick's five-year plan become the country's leading 'smart airport' in the country. I mean, it has to do something to shake its reputation as one of the world's worst airports. [Trusted Reviews]

Featured image: Gatwick Airport