Gatwick Drone Attackers Seem to Have Got Away With it

By Gary Cutlack on at

Sussex Police has released an update on the progress of its investigation into the great 2018 Gatwick airport shutdown, and, well, it still doesn't seem to have much of an idea who was responsible or what if any point was being made.

Today's statement serves as a giving up the hunt alert too, as Dave Miller, the force's Head of Operations Command, warns that: "...we have carried out an exhaustive criminal investigation but, without new information coming to light, there are no further realistic lines of enquiry at this time."

What police have said, though is to stress again that it appears to have been an inside job as the attack must've been carried out by someone with knowledge of the airport and how best to disrupt service and evade detection, plus it was almost certainly the work of a lone wolf random rather than an attack from a nation state, an attempt at terrorism, or even getting a protest group's name in the news. It was basically a couple of mates having a laugh and did it ever get a bit out of hand.

Witness interviews suggest two drones were in operation in shifts, and that's about all they've found out. It's going to remain a mystery for ever, unless someone cracks from the pressure and confesses, like they do on the telly. [Sussex Police via Guardian]