Google Pixel 4 Launch Event Date Leaked Which Isn't a Surprise Given That Everything Else Has

By Shabana Arif on at

The Google Pixel 4 appears to be the worst-kept secret of all time, and so is the date for its launch event apparently, which is reportedly set for October 15.

The leak comes via the tech world's colander, Evan Blass, who posted a picture of what is presumably the Google Pixel 4 (we've only seen its caboose in the only official pic from Google) with the screen displaying a date and time of October 15, 10am.

Rumours of that big ol' bezel were doing the rounds back in July, but the mock up indicated the presence of two front-facing cameras, a face recognition sensor, speaker, and over on the right, the addition of what could possibly be a Project Soli radar sensor.

The render tweeted by Blass lacks the majority of these, showing just a single lens and speaker, so there are discrepancies, but at this stage everything is rumours and hearsay anyway, so take everything with a generous smattering of salt.

We also saw more leaked photos of the handset last month, which came from Telegram and seemed to line up with all of the other leaks that have been gushing out all over the place during the last few months, including some nifty camera features that were discovered just this week.

It won't be long before Google will be announcing the date of its event, and given that Blass is usually on the nose with his leaks, we expect it to be in that window at the least. [PocketLint]

Feature image credit: Evan Blass (Twitter)