Google's Pixel 4 Launch Event Gets an Official Date

By Shabana Arif on at

Google has officially confirmed the launch date of the Pixel 4 event and it's set for October 15, which we can now all act surprised about despite the information leaking last week.

Invites to the tech giant's upcoming event in New York have been sent out, welcoming attendees to "come and see a few new things made by Google." Those new things will undoubtedly include the Google Pixel 4 and 4 XL - which we've already seen more than enough of by this point, thanks to the non-stop leaks - and the new Home Mini, which will reportedly be relaunching as the Nest Mini with a bunch of overhauled features. We may even see more on Stadia.

The latest Google-related leak was a slide from the International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) showing the Android TV 2021 roadmap. A bunch of new features were outlined, including an “Assistant for Operators EAP (Early Access Program),” a Play Store update, and “pilot homescreen and instream ads,” which I'm sure we're all equally thrilled about.

Google hasn't relayed any more details other than telling people when and (vaguely) where to be, but for now, I guess we're all pretending like we don't already know everything about its biggest reveal - the Pixel 4.

I'm sure there will be plenty more leaks before then; it's still a month away after all. [Engadget]