More Google Pixel 4 Photos Have Leaked if You've Somehow Missed the Dozens That Have Come Before

By Shabana Arif on at

Just when you think there's nothing left to leak, the beans just keep on getting spilled. All over the place. Today's tidbits include more photos of the Pixel 4 and a video of its gaming performance.

Vietnamese website Genk has procured itself a handset and has posted a number of photos of the device, while Vietnamese YouTube channel ReLab also got its hands on one and has uploaded a video of the Pixel 4 running mobile games.

Apparently the handset is running wild and free in Vietnam despite not having been released or even officially unveiled yet, and the ReLab host in the video even says that there have been "a lot of hands-on videos" for the smartphone, and so a "normal" review isn't even necessary at this stage - hence the gaming angle.

The photos seem to confirm what has been leaked so far - the big bezel is there, along with the square camera array on the rear which Google itself confirmed in the only official picture it's released of the device.

It boasts a 90Hz refresh rate according to ReLab's video, but the smaller size and battery life aren't going to make it ideal for mobile gaming. There's not really anything new here that we haven't already heard or seen thanks to the avalanche of leaks we've been bombarded with over the past few months.

The most recent nugget was the date of the reveal, reportedly set for October 15. So it won't be long before Google can take to the stage to tell us everything we already know, and we can write up everything all over again when it becomes official. Psyched for that. [SlashGear]

Feature image credit: Genk