Grab These Discounted Sphero Products for Your Brainiac Kids

By Shabana Arif on at

Sphero is having a sale on its range of products that aim to teach STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics) principles to kids, so if yours like this kind of shit, get on it.

There are some pretty cool gadgets on the site that I would have bloody loved to get my hands on as a sprog, including Specdrums - an app-enabled musical ring that uses colours to play music, and can be used with the play pad, or anything else that's colourful. Forget about going through the official site though. You'll find the discounted product over on Amazon, down from £64.99 to £32.99 - that's a 49 per cent saving in case you couldn't work it out. Might need a STEAM refresher for yourself.

Meanwhile, over at Argos, you can pick up the Sphero Bolt for £109.99 - that's £40 off the usual price guessed it, £149.99.

The Bolt sounds like much more fun than the ring, what with it being an app-enabled robot with flashy LED lights. And a ton more features, but who needs to look into it any further than that?