Greggs Warns Pub to Stop Being Rude With its Sausage Rolls and Cheryl Cole

By Gary Cutlack on at

Greggs has asked its lawyers to discipline a Newcastle pub, thanks to the boozer selling a burger that contains a branded Greggs sausage roll atop the meat layer.

Yes they really have:

Thank christ they had the sense to offer a beans lubricant else there's no way that's going down.

What seems to be causing more of a problem for Greggs' legal people is the name of the burger, which pub The Brandling Villa has decided to call the "Dirty Thoughts of Cheryl Cole" burger. That doesn't make a lot of sense, as surely that's suggesting the sausage roll is Cheryl's... penis? Or maybe the sausage roll is meant to be you and the burger is her? And then you put it in and out as your mates laugh and it all gets cold.

We suppose that if you imagine the chips are pubes it sort of works as a sexual diorama. But then... what are the beans? [Brandling Villa via Metro]