Hands-on Video Leak Gives Best Look at Pixel 4 Yet

By David Basch on at

With a mere month left to go until its official reveal, the Pixel 4, while not quite as leak-prone as the Pixel 3 that came before it, has still had its fair share.

From being spotted out and about in London to its hardware specs being leaked way ahead of time, it feels like there isn't much more to find out about the new handset. A video doing the rounds today reportedly gives an even better look at the phone up close.  These are some of the clearest leaks yet, showing the Pixel 4 in all its glory through (admittedly shaky) video footage.

The device's back, front, and everything in between is shown, revealing just how thick those bezels appear to be, and giving a revealing overview of the phone's form factor.

Convincing, right? The video gives a clear look at the bezels surrounding the display. You can just about make out the camera and speaker contained in the larger top bezel, which is presumably where the face recognition and gesture magic will happen. But that's not all! Shortly after this blurry video leak came another, equally blurry GIF found on Weibo, the Chinese social media platform.

You really get a feel for the device's weight and thickness from the GIF, which purportedly shows off the Pixel 4's white model, as well as its spiffy orange power button.

If real, these leaks give us the best idea yet of what the Pixel 4 could look like at release. With its official announcement still a month away, and the leaked videos offering a fairly in depth look at the phone, it seems highly likely that we'll be treated to even more leaks before October's announcement rolls around. [TheVerge]