Hellman's Pop-up Real Taste, Less Waste Kitchen Will Show You How to Rustle up Meals With Your Leftovers

By Shabana Arif on at

To highlight what a load of wasteful scumbags we all are, Hellman's is opening up a pop-up in mid-September, making culinary creations from the nation's top ten wasted food items.

The Real Taste, Less Waste Kitchen is Hellman's attempt to highlight the recent research it commissioned this year, as well as WRAP's 2015 study on household food waste, that revealed that 99 per cent of people are clueless when it comes to how much food they're chucking out each year. A lot is the answer.

A total of 4.4 million tonnes is tossed annually, which is the equivalent of 40 million wheelie bins, or - in the weirdest metric to use - 100 Royal Albert Halls apparently. A lot of that grub is perfectly okay to be eating, and to show you what a cretinous little gremlin you are by throwing way perfectly good eatings, you can nip along to the pop-up to learn some handy tips and gobble up tasty bites made from the top ten wasted food items.

The free dishes include the following:

  • Cheddar bites in homemade breadcrumbs & Hellmann’s Tabasco Mayo (the perfect way to put your stale bread to work)
  • Vegan potato gnocchi with a rocket pesto & Hellmann’s Vegan Mayo (green pesto is a great way to use up soft salad leaves)
  • Any vegetable frittata and Hellmann’s Real Mayo (leftover veg will taste great in this dish)

The pop-up is part of Hellman's British Street Food Awards sponsorship that will see independent street food traders competing throughout the month with the finals falling on September 13 and 14 - so you can take a gander at that while you're there. You can book tickets here.