Here are All the New Lego Star Wars Sets Arriving Next Week

By Tom Pritchard on at

This year is a big year for Star Wars, and in addition to the release of Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker, we're also seeing The Mandalorian - the first live action TV series set in a galaxy far far away. The first proper series, anyway, because the Ewoks movies don't count, and they were never canon to begin with. All that extra Star Wars means the Lego group has plenty of stuff for us to enjoy, and it's released a bunch of them that are hitting shop shelves on 4th October.

UK prices are still TBA, but we've included out best guess based on the US pricing.

The first is the sole tie-in set for The Mandalorian, featuring the titular bounty hunter and an AT-ST 'Raider' that's had a fancy paint job. It has 540 pieces, four minifigures, and is set to cost $50. So expect it to be somewhere between £40 and £50.

And right into Episode 9. The first set I'm including is a revamped version of the Millennium Falcon - last released in this style back in 2015 for The Force Awakens. There have been quite a few upgrades in this 1,351 piece set, and it seems the new film will see the ship regain its more iconic circular shield dish, a brand new turret, and some smaller details that make it look more like the on-screen ship.

There are five minifigures and two droids here, including C-3PO, R2-D2, D-0, Lando, Chewbacca, and Finn. There's also a new character in the form of Boolio, who we know nothing about, other than the fact he's green and has horns.

This is set to cost a crazy $160, so probably around £150.

Next we have the upgraded version of Kylo Ren's shuttle, complete with 1,005 pieces and six minifigures. They include Kylo Ren the new Supreme Leader of the First Order, General Pryde, two unnamed Knights of Ren, a crimson Sith trooper, and a standard First Order stormtrooper.

Like the Falcon this has had a lot of design upgrades since it was last seen on screen, though it still remains functionally the same.

It'll cost $120, so probably somewhere around £110.

Up next is the 578 piece Resistance Y-Wing, which is a lot like the normal Y-Wing but less yellow and possibly older looking. It seems things aren't looking good for Leia's freedom fighters this time round.

Included here is Poe Dameron in his desert gear from the trailer, D-0 again, an unnamed turquoise astromech droid, newcomer Zorii Bliss (played by Keri Russel), and a First Order Snowtrooper (random).

It'll cost $70, so probably somewhere around £60.

If you need something a bit smaller, there's always the 269 piece Resistance A-Wing. That comes with Snap Wexley (played by JJ Abrams' best friend Greg Grunberg) and Lieutenant Connix (played by Carrie Fisher's daughter Billie Lourd). There's not much else to it, and this will cost $30, so probably £25.

The final Episode 9 set is the Pasaana Speeder Chase, which we think we saw in the trailer. It comes with Rey the Jedi, BB-8, a First Order Jet Trooper, and a First Order 'Treadspeeder' driver. It'll cost $40, so probably £30-£35.

Now onto the non-new sets, and first up is a miniature rendition of Obi Wan Kenobi shutting down the Death Star's defences. The set comes with a mini version of a Death Star's cannon, along with Obi Wan and a refreshed version of his hood. It'll cost $20, so £15-£20 in this country.

Finally we have a larger rendition of Yoda, in the same style as BB-8 and the Porg that have been released in the past few years. Complete with a UCS-style name plate, this is a larger version of Yoda that stands alongside his minifigure counterpart. Honestly I think it looks a bit creepy, but hey, so did the Porg.

The 1,771 piece set will cost $100, so somewhere around £90 here.