Google Assistant Now Has New Voices and Here's How to Change It on Your Phone

By Shabana Arif on at

Google launched some additional voice options for its Assistant last week, but it turns out no bugger knows how to switch between them.

A total of 11 new voices got rolled out in nine countries and good old Blighty was one of them, which is fantastic news for people like me, who need someone new to berate forĀ its general (read: perceived) incompetence. I have a short temper and someone has to take the brunt of it, alright?

We asked who else would be checking out the new voice option in a Twitter poll, and it turns out the majority of you who responded didn't actually know how to do it, so if you want to trade in your red OG voice (Google is labelling the voices as colour rather than genders) for the new orange voice, to give the insults you hurl at it a different hue, here's how.

Summon your Assistant with your preferred prompt, and tap the tray icon in the bottom left. The next screen will display your profile picture in the top right (or a grey silhouette if you've never set one), so press that to bring up a series of tabs. The one you want is 'Assistant'.

Under this tab, you'll see an option labelled 'Assistant Voice', so we're in the home stretch here, but we'll continue to hold your hand anyway.

The next screen will bring up the voice options for your Assistant, so just tap on the colours (only red and orange in the UK), and exit back to your home screen. Hey presto! It's done.