Hula Hoops Factory Accused of Grimy-Fingered Shame

By Gary Cutlack on at

Several of the UK's major supermarkets have come together to accuse KP Snacks of manufacturing our favourite reconstituted salted foodstuffs in unhygienic conditions, thanks to an anonymous whistleblower claiming the firm's Ashby de la Zouch factory is a right mess that's compromising the safety of the beloved Hula Hoop.

The Daily Star has photos too, showing dirty floors, with broken Hula Hoops littering both the machinery and the facility's peeling paint, with the source saying of the plant: "It's disgusting for a food factory. Everyone who works there knows it but they are scared to say anything because they'd lose their jobs. They have just bought over £30m of new machinery and it is absolutely covered in rubbish already."

The same source says newly installed production machinery takes up too much space and is overheating the atmosphere, with temperatures in the facility routinely reaching around 35 degrees. That's enough to have Gregg Wallace sweating through his superfluous hairnet. Staff hate being there, as you might expect.

The supermarkets have expressed concern, with M&S -- which sells KP-made Hula Hoops equivalents under the amazing alternate brand name of Ready Salted Potato Rings – saying it is "fully investigating" the claims, and Aldi said it's "disappointed to learn of these allegations" and is looking into the supplier as a matter of urgency. KP says it has launched its own investigation, so imagine dozens of people panic-sweeping crisps into bin liners today, and be aware that the Hula Hoops on sale in the near future may smell slightly of bleach and fresh paint for a while. [Daily Star]

Featured image: Daily Star