IFA 2019: Netatmo Just Launched a 'Smart Alarm System' With Three Different Parts

By Tom Pritchard on at

There are about a billion companies out there gunning for the top place on the smart home leaderboards. Netatmo is one of them, and this year it's brought its new 'Smart Alarm System' to IFA - consisting of a camera, windows and door sensors, plus a 'smart siren'.

The idea is that this is a "complete home security solution", with each of the three components doing something to ensure your home is kept nice and safe. Obviously the camera looks at things, the sensors detect when a door or window has been opened, and the siren makes noise. But there's a bit more to it than that.

The Netatmo Smart Indoor Camera (mouthful) offers real time alerts, and comes with built-in facial recognition so you can differentiate between friends/family, strangers, and random movement that isn't of consequence. Like if the dog decides to do for a run around the house while you're out. If an unknown face is detected you get an alert right away with both a photo and video of what happened.

Videos are all saved locally to an internal microSD card, and can be set up to transfer to a user's personal Dropbox or STP server. This also means there's no subscription, because you don't need to pay for Netatmo to store everything for you.

It's worth mentioning that the camera is the main part of the security system, and the rest won't work without it. Annoying, but ok.

The window and door sensors do more than just pick up when something has been opened unexpectedly. They're designed to pick up movement and vibrations, like when someone is trying to force something open, and sends you an alert. It can also be used as a window timer, alerting you if you left a window or door open for more than specific amount of time.

The siren works in tandem with the other two, letting off a 110dB alarm if the camera detects an intruder or if specific senors detect unidentified movement at a window or door. Also, if you fancy annoying your family, you can trigger the alarm manually through the Netatmo security app.

The settings of all these devices can also be customised to ensure you only get relevant alerts. Like activating when you leave home and deactivating when you get back, because who wants all those unnecessary alerts because your flatmate opened the window to let bugs in?

The Smart Window sensors will be available to buy from 6th September, and cost £90 for a pack of three. The SMart Indoor Siren will cost £70 and will be available on 26th September.

The smart indoor camera is already available and costs £200.