IFA 2019: Netgear's Next Orbi Mesh System Will Support WiFi 6

By Tom Pritchard on at

We've been hearing about WiFi 6 for a little while now, being told that it's the next generation of WiFi designed to support the increasing demands of having all the connected devices in our homes. You might not have upgraded yet, but Netgear is hoping that you'll pick its upgraded Orbi mesh system when you do.

The WiFi 6 Mesh system is apparently "designed for the connected world of today and the future", taking into account all the always-connected device we keep buying and the increased bandwidth needed for the likes of 4K and 8K streams. Not that there are any 8K streams available to normal people right now. So Netgear is really thinking ahead with this.

Likening the upgrade to upgrading from a four lane to 16 lane motorway, so there's a lot more capacity to ensure the fastest possible speeds. Netgear claims this is the first WiFi 6 mesh system to be brought to market, and obviously that means it's the first to offer that seamless transition between satellites are you move your devices around.

In my experience it works really well too, though we'll have to see whether upping the available bandwidth makes any difference.

The downside is that the RRP for the Orbi WiFi 6 Mesh System is £749 for a single router and satellite. That's more than double the cost of the previous iteration of the Orbi system, so it probably won't be on many people's Christmas lists. But it will be available sometime later this month,