IFA 2019: Nokia Has New Wireless Earbuds and a Dirt-Cheap Feature Phone

By Tom Pritchard on at

Nokia may not be your first choice when you think of a popular phone brand, but there are still plenty of people who like what they do - and the variety of products they offer. Nokia is all about catering to the masses, and two extra products, just announced at IFA, intend to do just that.

The first is a device that may not appeal to some, but if you're after an emergency phone, a way to cut down on smartphone time, or something to keep tabs on someone who can't/won't have a smartphone (like your young kids) then the Nokia 110 is right up your street.

Priced at $20 (UK pricing TBA), the 110 is a step above the £15 Nokia 105 - a phone that only offers the option of phone calls and texting. In addition to doing that (as any phone should) it also offers features that Nokia claims are all about entertainment. It plays MP3 files (with a microSD card slot), comes with an FM radio and camera, plus it plays a few basic games like Snake and Doodle Jump. And that's it. No fancy 4G smart features like you might find on some of Nokia's other feature phones.

The 110 comes out mid-September in pink, blue, and black. Standby time is 18.5 days.

Also on the agenda are Nokia Power Earbuds, a set of wire free earbuds for you to enjoy. We don't have a great many details on the quality right now, but Nokia has promised they have IPX7 water resistance, one touch Google Assistant control, and a charging case with 3,000 mAh of juice.

Nokia says that's enough power to charge the buds 30 times in total, which each charge giving you around five hours of playback time. So all in all you get 150 hours of life from a single charge.

They'll be out in October for €79 (UK pricing TBA) in black and light grey.