IFA 2019: Roku TVs are Coming to the UK, and the First Ones Are Made by Hisense

By Tom Pritchard on at

For the past several years Roku has been powering various smart TVs over in the US, running what is effectively the same software as its streaming devices directly on the TV itself. That was all kept within North America for quite a while, but now that's changing and the first Roku TV will be coming to the UK courtesy of Hisense.

Roku's licensing programme is going global with this new move, and despite seemingly being a bit neglected by the company Roku is kicking things off here in the UK with a Hisense partnership. More countries are set to follow, as will other brands that want to run their TVs on Roku's software instead of one of the other options.

The Roku software used on the Hisense TVs is meant to be instantly recognisable and familiar to long-time Roku users, though it will feature some personalised branding depending on who actually made the TV. So everything you have on a Roku stick will be there, regardless of which company made that TV.

Details are still scarce on what Hisense plans to bring to the UK, only that there will be multiple TV models running Roku's OS and screen sizes will go as high as 65-inches. The first ones will also be available before Christmas, but since we don't know any more details pricing information is similarly absent.

No doubt there will be plenty more news to come in the coming weeks.