IFA 2019: TCL Has No Interest in Rushing its Foldable Phones

By Tom Pritchard on at

Back in March TCL unveiled a first look at its range of foldable phones. Phones with a design that I quickly dismissed as being really shit-looking because, well, they were really shit-looking. In fact we've seen patent designs and they don't look much better. The good news is that those devices are still in the concept stage, so there's plenty of time to make them look a bit fancier.

One of the foldable devices made a quick cameo appearance during TCL's press conference, where it was made very clear that the company has no interest in rushing production. They said don't really want to be the first one to market with a product that isn't ready, though that's probably a good thing because Samsung and Royole already have them beaten.

Then again Samsung has already proven that things can go wrong when you try and push a product into the hands of consumers before it gets some fine-tuning. Many have speculated that this is also why the Huawei Mate X didn't appear in June as the company had promised.

That said TCL did briefly show that its foldable phone design can close all the way - despite having the same fold-out design as the Galaxy Fold. Which means that the design has been improving, since back in March the gap was so big it felt as though a family of four could camp under it.

This change is all thanks to what TCL is calling the butterfly hinge, which must be slightly different to the 'dragonhinge' we saw in Barcelona. The details are still a bit sketchy right now, but IFA has only just begun.

No doubt the phone will be on show at TCL's stand later today, and we'll update if there's any new information to share.