IFA 2019: TCL's New Flagship, the Plex, Has Bluetooth Audio Sharing, Insists it's Better Than Apple's

By Tom Pritchard on at

Earlier this year Apple let it slip that iOS 13 was coming with a very useful feature: audio sharing. Or, in other more descriptive terms, the ability to share a device's audio to more than one set of headphones. Now TCL has announced that it's also bringing this feature to its phones, and that it'll be much better than what Apple has to offer when iOS 13 finally launches.

The technology comes from software solution company Tempow, and using the Tempow Audio Profile (TAP), and lets a single device stream audio to up to four Bluetooth speakers or headphones. The key here is that unlike Apple, which has so far restricted audio sharing to two Apple or Beats products, TCL promises that the sharing will be available to all Bluetooth devices - regardless of who made them.

The feature will launch on the new TCL Plex flagship, the first TCL phone to carry the TCL brand name outside China. Presumably it will also be available on future phones, but there's no word on whether it will be made available on other devices made by other people.