IFA 2019: The Energizer Phones Are Back Baby

By Tegan Jones on at

The massive Energizer phone that debuted at MWC earlier this year didn't do so well when it came to crowdfunding. But that doesn't mean that it's game over for the brand in the mobile space.

This week it's been announced that two new Energizer phones would be shown off at IFA in Berlin this week. Unfortunately this new range won't be sporting the epic batteries that made us fall in love with them back in February.

In fact, the brand seems to have done a complete 180, presenting the telco world with some extremely budget phones that only really come with the basics.

The first model, the Energizer E241 only comes with 3G and will have an RRP of €29.99, with the 4G E241S model costing a whole extra €5 more. Both run on the Linux-based KaiOS and have baby 1,900mAH batteries. They will have dual-SIM functionality though, as well as some pre-installed apps such as Facebooks, Maps and WhatsApp.

We'll try and get some hands on time with them at IFA this week, and will be praying to the old gods and new that some of the larger models will be here, too.

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