IFA 2019: The Samsung Galaxy Fold 5G Arrives in the UK on 18th September

By Tom Pritchard on at

After much delay this morning saw Samsung finally announced the foldable Galaxy Fold would be released on 6th September - but only for people living in Korea. A wider rollout was expected but we weren't given any dates. But now it's been confirmed that it will arrive in the UK on 18th September.

The press release only mentions the Galaxy Fold 5G, so it's not clear what's going on with the 4G model we were promised back in February, but Samsung has reiterated that the Fold will be an EE network exclusive. Thankfully it will also be available to purchase from Samsung itself, and displays at Harrods, Selfridges, and Samsung Experience Stores will let people try it out before they cough up nearly two grand to buy one.

The phone is set to cost £1,900 when bought directly from Samsung, and will come with a pair of Galaxy Buds and the 'Aramid' case free of charge. EE contracts details are still TBA.

I've asked Samsung about the 4G model and will update when I hear back.