This Year's Limited Edition Christmas Lego Set is... a Big Ol' Christmas Tree

By Tom Pritchard on at

Every year Lego releases a special Christmas set that you can only get if you spend a certain amount of money on its products, and in the past we've seen things like Nutcrackers, snow globes, Christmas present playsets, and so on. This year things are no different, and they're just as Christmassy, because the Christmas gift is set to be a big ol' Lego Christmas Tree.

As spotted by Promobricks, the set is actually quite a more spectacular approach to the tree than we've seen before. It's not going to be huge from the looks of things, but it's going to be a lot bigger than your standard minifig. In fact it's probably a similar scale as a normal person would be to one of the big fancy trees you'll find in your local town/city centre.

There are apparently 392 pieces in the set, and it makes good use of the new giant transparent snowflake piece as the start atop the tree - only this time it's in yellow rather than light blue. It even has presents underneath, a train round the base, and sections that spin round so you can display its ornaments in whatever position takes your fancy without having to tear pieces off.

Brisket also points out that we have a new image of the Christmas BrickHeadz boxset coming later this year as well, via a Russian Lego retailer. The set features three of the blocky figurines this time round: two of Santa's elves and a reindeer. Hopefully that's fur or frost under the reindeer's chin, otherwise this may be more of a Halloween purchase:

Let's just hope that Lego doesn't pull the same sort of antics as it has with the Halloween ghost, which was available on the Lego website (and in store) before promptly disappearing. So if you see the set pop up, get your order in before the company can pull some shenanigans and claim BrickHeadz are being discontinued in the UK.