Lego's Giving Away Free Mini Droids, But Only if You Buy the Boost Droid Commander Kit

By Tom Pritchard on at

Last week Lego put the new Boost Droid Commander robotics kit on general sale, which meant you could pick it up from someone other than Amazon or Lego's own online store. But here's hoping you didn't pick one up, because this week Lego is offering a free mini droid kit to try and entice you.

The gift itself is set up as a 20th anniversary stand, not too dissimilar from those that came with the 20th anniversary edition sets. On it are miniature versions of the droids from the Droid Commander set: R2-D2, the mouse droid, and the gonk droid. R2 is obviously a minifig, while the other two have to be built from scratch.

This is a gift that's exclusive to Lego VIPs, but since anyone can sign up that shouldn't be a huge barrier to get your hands on one. You do, however, have to spend £180 on the robotics kit if you want this for yourself. That's a lot of cash to drop, especially if you're not that interested in the bigger droids themselves.

Thankfully if you do take advantage of this deal you're over the threshold for two other gifts. The first is a lunchbox featuring a Lego patent from the past (£99 spend), and the Newbury Juice Bar from the Hidden Side range (£45 spend). Throw in the Chinese Boat Race (an extra £45) and you'll also get a free Year of the Dog set.

But the Star Wars gift is only available until the end of the 15th, which means you have until Sunday to get your order in and get this set for yourselves. Sadly it's one per household/address, and you can't ask Lego to send you one if you already ordered the Droid Commander set. But no doubt plenty will be on eBay and other Lego marketplaces petty damn soon.