Mark Hamill Tells Us What Blue Milk Really Tastes Like

By Julie Muncy on at

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge has a lot of familiar Star Wars foodstuffs, drinks, and treats. And, of course, there’s blue milk, Luke Skywalker’s favourite (?) drink.

So, naturally, Mark Hamill had to try the blue milk in Galaxy’s Edge and compare it to the real thing. And, as he revealed on Twitter, the theme park stuff beats out the film.

The milk he’s referring to is the milk he drank in A New Hope, which was apparently pretty disgusting. It’s not surprising: eating in films is often a pretty gross process, involving spit buckets and things that look good and taste terrible. Though it’s worth noting that the green milk Luke relished in The Last Jedi was a lot better. Apparently, it was just coconut water.

Well, now we know why Luke wanted to get off of Tatooine so badly. He wanted to find some milk that wasn’t disgusting. Glad he got the happy ending he wanted.

Featured image: Lucasfilm