McDonald's Makes Another Attempt at Befriending Bees

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Swedish branch of McDonald's is having another go at rebranding itself as the saviour of the bees, and has expanded its range of insect havens to include a run of billboard adverts with integrated bee accommodation.

The claim is that it'll help with beeodiversity in local areas, and we can't find out enough about the bee population of Sweden on Wikipedia in order to disagree with that. Obviously there's a big advert for warm meat sandwiches and salty carbohydrates on the main side of the billboard, but on the back of the display there's a different set of reconstituted pipes and tubes, designed to house local insects for however long the contract to operate the advert runs.

Look at this happening and hear the uplifting music that always accompanies brands doing good:

Here's something in Swedish that looks like it's probably about this, as "bihotell" sounds like it means bee hotel: "Ett stort problem är att de saknar ställen att bo på. Därför har McDonald’s börjat producera utomhustavlor som även är bihotell." [YouTube via Metro]