Milton Keynes Disassembles Art Project That Revealed NHS Patient Data

By Gary Cutlack on at

A public art project in Milton Keynes is currently being reworked, after bales of recycled paper used in the sculpture's base were found to be made of vast collections of NHS files containing confidential patient data.

The bales were used as ballast surrounding the Utopia Station tower, a baffling project that describes itself as a  "...quasi-scientific, speculative experience, where a participatory, playful process draws out utopian visions and thinking from all of us," whatever that may mean. Maybe if you hang around outside it there's free Wi-Fi.

The site now also serves as a warning about data insecurity, as Milton Keynes Council was forced to cover up the paper bales when unshredded patient notes were seen inside. The paper bales were provided by outside firm CS Recycling, although it says it was using bought-in waste paper and had no idea it contained confidential material that ought to have been run through a shredder before being shoved out to art projects. [BBC]