Morrisons Brings Back the String Bag

By Gary Cutlack on at

Supermarket Morrisons is trying to do another worthy environmental thing to get its brand in the news, with today seeing the launch of a trial of string bags in four of its outlets. You know, like in the olden days, when it was fine to be racist on the telly and there were special shops that only sold vegetables.

The string bags are made out of recycled cotton strings and have been designed to be reusable and washable if something goes wrong with an overripe banana, and you have to think they'll scrunch up way better for storage purposes than chunky hemp totes. We are tentatively onside because of the latter reason alone. The downside is they cost £1 each, so they're mainly for aspirational shoppers who want to take photos of their purchases -- two onions and a carrot -- swinging in the sac to put on the internet to prove the owner does eat veg and owns a kitchen knife capable of cutting.

Morrisons thinks its retro string bag might well be the future, and if you want to see if it actually is, the new bags will appear in the Catcliffe, Guiseley, Halfway and Skipton branches first, before rolling out nationwide should there not be an outcry or a series of accidental chokings. The supermarket is well pleased with itself, and said: "In our trials, customers said they felt a sense of nostalgia using the string bag -- as it reminded them of shopping trips of the past."

Please make your own post-Brexit shopping experience jokes in the comments bit.