ISPs Promise to Make New Customer Deals Available to Current Subs

By Gary Cutlack on at

Communications regulator Ofcom has again managed to get the UK's ISPs to submit to behaving a little bit more like responsible businnesspeople, and has secured agreements that allow existing customers to access all the thrilling new customer deals when their contracted periods come to an end.

There is a bit of small print on the BT involvement, though, as it will offer "new customer prices to existing customers for a limited time period when sending end-of-contract and best tariff notifications," but at least that's something. No more having to phone up and pretend you're changing supplier in order to get a decent package, and great news for those deemed to be more vulnerable consumers, as they'll benefit from a "one-off automatic price reduction" effectively ending the shame of being allowed to massively overpay in perpetuity.

The major ISPs should have this in place by March of 2020. Ofcom says it estimates that 8.8 million subscribers are technically out of contract and therefore paying for their broadband at whatever tariff they've been randomly shoved on, so ought to benefit significantly from switching to a new subscriber deal. [Ofcom]