Norwich Drone Enthusiast Buzzed by Police for Illegal Flight

By Gary Cutlack on at

A drone pilot who went a bit too close to a scheduled ancient monument in a highly populated urban centre has been given a talking-at by local police, after the flier accidentally grassed himself up by posting footage of his flight online.

The particular crime here was the flying of a drone less than 150 meters away from crowds of people and within a built-up area to get a good view of Norwich Castle, plus it was also only a few miles away from Norwich Airport, and it could've been the day of the week when it had a plane landing. The reason the person was rumbled was her or probably his posting of the footage to a Facebook group for likes from people who enjoy the trend for slow zooms from above, from where it was forwarded on to Norfolk Police by a vigilant amateur air traffic watchman.

A police spokesperson said: "After being made aware of this illegal flight in Norwich, officers investigated and identified the operator who has since been spoken to. Due to the circumstances, we judged no formal action was required." [BBC]