These Weirdos Think Not Having a Phone Signal is a Good Thing

By Gary Cutlack on at

One particular farm in South Ayrshire is campaigning to become the country's first official "offline black spot," and is petitioning the council to have requests to build phone masts that may connect its land refused.

We're not entirely sure how serious this is as it's being talked about in conjunction with a whisky company, that's created an offline map-cum-whisky-advert for those looking for a phone-free holiday destination with inevitably perfect optics for putting on the internet the second you get home. However, Creeside Farm, which sits inside an officially designated Unesco Biosphere reserve, appears to be bang up for chaining its staff to any suspicious plant machinery that may appear in the area, and has asked local planners to consider creating a "black spot" on their land where no signals can reach.

The operators of Creeside do have an interest in this as they have a glamping caravan they rent out and sell as being ideal for off-grid stays, so this'll help them get booked up for 2020 already. Sarah Redman from Creeside said: "We're not looking to hold up improvements in connectivity across the region especially in communities where signal is poor. What we are proposing would look to develop a level of protection around the land owned by the farm, which would therefore stop masts being allowed to be put up within a certain proximity."