OnePlus Announces Details of Its London Pop-up Next Month Hinting at 7T Pro Reveal

By Shabana Arif on at

OnePlus has announced the list of European cities for its pop-up events set for the weekend of October 10–12.

Despite having already been unveiled during launch events in North America and India last week, the company has also planned a London Global Launch event for the OnePlus 7T for October 10 at 4pm BST, and has now shared details of the OnePlus pop-ups around Europe. Attendees will be able to try and buy the new OnePlus 7T series, implying that the as yet unannounced OnePlus 7T Pro will have made its debut by then - probably at the event in London.

There's also the usual fare of prizes to be won, a chance to meet the OnePlus team, and some exclusive merch. Here's a video showing off how great the OnePlus 7 series pop-ups were earlier this year, which I'm sure was very exciting to normal people, but to an old curmudgeon like me, looks like an obnoxious nightmare.

For us Brits, the only location in this country is London, which takes place on October 12, 11am–6pm, at Carousel Seven Dials.

The OnePlus 7T series features a 90Hz display - something the company says will now be the minimum standard going forward. The 7T keeps all of the 7 Pro's best features but keeps the notch, and you can read more about that in our review or check out our unboxing video. Although don't expect Nintendo levels of quality; it's a box, we open it, and show you what's inside. Bear with us while we hone our video skills and get those white cotton gloves ordered for Tom's supersized paws.