OnePlus Shows Off the Design of its Upcoming 7T Handset, the Element of Surprise Be Damned

By Shabana Arif on at

OnePlus made its 7T series official this week, and in a surprising move, the company is sharing the design of its upcoming flagship and it looks goooood.

The 7T has been expected for some time, given that OnePlus usually follows its numbered handsets with a T iteration later in the year, but it made if official yesterday and even went so far as to confirm the 90Hz display which we suspected could be a thing just a couple of weeks ago.

And now we're getting even more juicy titbits ahead of the launch event next week (for Indian and North America - Europeans have to wait until next month), with CEO Pete Lau giving us a glimpse of the fourth generation matte-frosted glass design.

"Today, we're going to do something we've never done before: unveil the design of our upcoming flagship first in our community," Lau wrote in a community blog post. Skipping over his retelling of the innovations developed along the way, we come to the present day and the "new smooth matte surface with a brilliant metallic radiance" that's being introduced on the T series.

Lau also touches on the redesigned camera housing, saying that it took over 50 iterations to land on the circular array for the triple cameras, and sharing some interesting-looking sketches that convey absolutely nothing to a simpleton like me.

Even though the European launch event isn't happening until October 10, this is 2019 and we have the power of the internet, so rest assured, we'll get all the deets from the North American/ Indian event on September 26.