OnePlus TV will be a Dolby Atmos-Equipped Display with Eight Speakers

By David Basch on at

Under a month away from its official reveal, more details about the OnePlus TV have been teased courtesy of Amazon India.

We already had an inkling as to the sizes of the display on offer, as well as the fact that the telly will ship with a companion Bluetooth remote.

Now more details about the TV's audio capabilities have been revealed through an early Amazon listing, which claims the TV will have eight internal speakers, offering a total of 50w of power. The listing goes on to say the speakers offer Dolby Atmos support (fancy surround sound) and "punchy bass". Look, we're not calling anyone a liar but stock TV speakers just do not handle low-end very well. Anyone can tell you that, but we look forward to being proven wrong.

Bass aside though, eight speakers and 50w is a damn sight better than what you'll find in other mid-range TVs. The usual offering tends to be two 20W speakers to get decent stereo sound/poorly simulated surround sound. With four times as many internal speakers and more than double the wattage of the standard offering, the OnePlus TV should blow those other mid-range TVs away at least.

We'll reserve true audio judgement for when we get the chance to have a look at the TV up close, but these specs are definitely promising. Not high-end sound bar promising, but promising all the same.

The OnePlus TV will be officially unveiled in India around the end of September, and believed to be headed west around the end of 2020.