OnePlus Boss Reveals 7T Series' Warp Charge 30T That Charges Over 20% Faster

By Shabana Arif on at

OnePlus' 7T series is coming and OnePlus CEO Pete Lau has confirmed that we'll get impressively fast wired charging with Warp Charge 30T.

Talking to TecRadar about the upcoming 7T line of smartphones, Lau said that the OnePlus 7T will charge up to 23 per cent faster with Warp Charge 30T, even if you're using while it's charging because you have issues living your life without being attached to your phone for 10 minutes.

Lau explained that Warp Charge 30T didn't roll out with the OnePlus 7 series because it wasn't where they wanted it to be. "We’re not going to introduce something for the sake of being first," he explained. "We took time to refine and iterate, continuously testing until we were able to achieve something we were proud to provide to our fans."

Warp Charge was announced alongside the McLaren Edition 6T, offering 30W wired charging, and you'll still be able to use the older charger with the new phones.

"Our latest Warp Charge delivers 6A at 5V to attain 30W. Compared to other charging technology that rely on high voltage, Warp Charge 30T is able fast charge without overheating, even enabling phone users the capability to game while they charge their devices," said Lau.

The speedy charging isn't something that can be achieved to the same level with a wireless option, with Lau saying that OnePlus will be sticking to wired charging for that very reason.

Although it hasn't had its official launch event - set for October 10 - Lau gave fans a sneak peek at the OnePlus 7T handset last week.

The North American and Indian launch event is taking place this week, so we don't have to wait until next month to get the lowdown. [TechRadar]