Paul Rudd Plots to Murder Paul Rudd in the First Trailer for Netflix Series Living With Yourself

By Cheryl Eddy on at

We’ve known Paul Rudd was going to play a guy forced to face off with himself for over a year, but the first trailer for Netflix series Living With Yourself is finally here – and it looks like the existential black comedy void that’s been gaping within us since we finished Russian Doll is finally going to be filled.

The set-up for Living With Yourself – which was created and written by Daily Show alum Timothy Greenberg, and directed by Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris (Little Miss Sunshine) – is made perfectly clear in the new trailer, which just arrived today. Rudd plays Miles, a guy who’s having a rough time at work, at home, and just in general, so he takes himself to an unusual sort of health spa that promises to transform him into a new, improved version of himself.

And it works! But of course, there’s a complication: The old, crappier version of Miles still exists, and he’s furious about being replaced.

How will they solve the problem of Two Miles, One Life? And how will this show convince us that too many clones of Paul Rudd is actually a bad thing? Living With Yourself, which runs for eight episodes, hits Netflix on October 18.