Police Cancel Mass Ikea Hide and Seek

By Gary Cutlack on at

Scottish police were called to a branch of Ikea outside Glasgow over the weekend, after staff found out that as many as 3,000 locals had arranged via social media to enjoy a potentially record breaking game of hide and seek inside the furniture shop.

The fun was spoiled when Facebook event "Glasgow's biggest hide and seek" – scheduled for 3pm on the Saturday – was discovered by Ikea managers, because although Ikea's ideally suited to the game, staff didn't much fancy having to remake all the display beds and forensically check the entire store for any ultra-hiders still remaining undetected at closing time.

Five officers from Police Scotland and extra Ikea security staff were therefore posted outside the store on the Saturday afternoon, tasked with identifying potentially troublesome unaccompanied young people who didn't look like they were planning on buying bookcases and refusing them entry. Some made it in and started to try to play, though, although it was a bit of a damp squib because of the police hanging about, who weren't in the mood for joining in. [The Sun]