Poundland Makes Alexa/Google Mobile With Cheap Virtual Assistant Power Packs

By Gary Cutlack on at

Poundland is entering the baffling world of the smart-device-virtual-assistant-mini-speaker, with the release of a series of power pack cases designed to run your favourite brand of voice-activated nonsense while away from the reach of a plug socket.

Just £5 gets one of the Kit: Power Packs for Google and Alexa, which Poundland says is an amazing deal because things like this usually cost people who buy things like this £20. There's one for the Google Home Mini, plus two for Amazon's Echo and Echo Dot, all of which offer about 12 to 13 hours of full power operation and a couple of days' worth of standby time.

If you can imagine a scenario where you want a useless piece of junk failing to understand what you want it to do and/or trying to upsell you a subscription service in order to function as advertised while out and about, they're on sale in Poundlands from today.