Posh School Offers Online A-Levels for £15,000 a Year

By Gary Cutlack on at

Children too lazy or too posh to attend their A-Level courses in person will soon be able to do it all online, should mummy and daddy be able to find £15,000 a year for the privilege of earning their child a certificate from London's elite proving ground of Harrow School.

Harrow's virtual sixth form will accept enrolments from students globally, so if daddy's posted in Saudi or mummy's off sewing hemlines in Milan the kids may still earn the prestige award that is a certificate saying they attended Harrow; even if they only did it from in bed on a webcam via videoconferencing technology.

Harrow School Online promises that when virtual lessons start in September of 2020 there will be a ratio of no more than 15 pupils to each lecturer, hence the vast cost. And in a shocking break with tradition the boys-only boarding school will accept female pupils in this new online world, which is good news for the poor old lecturers. Should we say that? Maybe not. Too late now. [BBC]

Image credit: Wikipedia