Pure Scooters Opens Physical Branch in London

By Gary Cutlack on at

Fashionable electronical personal transportational brand Pure Scooters has opened a bricks & mortar branch in London, where potential criminals will be able to freely purchase the outlawed devices and ride them out of the doors and straight into the welcoming arms of local police.

It's going big on the aspirational side of the business too, as its shop is located within the posh confines of Belgravia, although seeing as the only thing it sells is electric scooters, the interior of the outlet currently seems a little sparse:

CEO Adam Norris knows who his buyers are, though: celebrities wanting a toy and major corporations with acres of private tarmac. Norris said: "We have had lots of motorsports teams and drivers take advantage of our customised products, for instance, for use around the paddocks. Many take them abroad to use where they are legal," so if you want a scooter to use in your garden or to take on holiday or if your dad owns an abandoned airfield, there you go.

Norris clearly expects the UK's strict no-scooting laws to be changed in the near future, as he says the shop: "...allows us to be ready for when they are legalised in the UK." Pure Scooters operates from now at 52 Grosvenor Gardens, SW1W 0AU.