Rail Bosses Plan Forth Bridge Climbing Tours

By Gary Cutlack on at

Network Rail is after the influencer pound, and is planning for a future when boyfriends take photos of their girlfriends' bottoms right atop the legendary structure of the Forth Bridge.

The plan is with Edinburgh Council right now, and if agreed would see Network Rail build a new public reception hub at the base of the south side of the bridge, from where guided tours of paying members of the public would depart, scaling the bridge's levers while wearing harnesses to stop the inevitable wind battering them off into... whatever that bit of water is called.

There's a slight problem in that the ancient bridge is a UNESCO World Heritage site, although Network Rail estimates its tours would pull in around 85,000 visitors per year. That's going to generate a lot of jobs and sandwich/drinks sales. Should this go ahead, a second phase may include the installation of a lift in the north side of the bridge, for VIP influencers who don't want to arrive at the top all messed up and with fingers too cold to select the most flattering filter.

Network Rail's engineering boss for Scotland Alan Ross said: "The Forth Bridge is an engineering icon and the plans we have submitted to deliver a bridge walk experience will offer a unique and memorable visit to one of Scotland's most loved structures." [PSE]