Randoms Demand London's Northern Line Actually Serves the North

By Gary Cutlack on at

Some funny person with access to enough money to get stuff printed up for a laugh has launched a protest on the London underground, where stickers have been appearing requesting that the city's Northern line tube service is extended so that it hits the actual north of the whole country, not just a narrow section of the north of London.

It would make for quite a boring run between stations mind and might cost £88bn at least, so they perhaps haven't thought it all through. Two such stickers have been spotted and shared on your usual hilarious meme sources; a Bolton one on Reddit and a Leeds one on Twitter, both with the hashtag #MakeTheNorthernLineActuallyNorthern hard encoded beneath the redesigned station logos.

Maybe they're angry because all the money's been invested on extending the line a small distance further south, for the benefit of people with posh flats near the river? [Londonist]