Ring's Linked Devices Feature Lets you Control Your Home Security Network With One App

By David Basch on at

Amazon's home security subsidiary, Ring, recently announced a feature for its app called Linked Devices that will (funnily enough) link up and improve connectivity between its devices in user's home security networks.

The gist of it is that if you own more than one Ring device, you can link them all together to manage and review them from a single dashboard, allowing more efficient control of all your Ring devices through one app. Suppose a user's Ring doorbell camera detects motion at the front door, they can set their hallway camera to immediately start recording and capturing activity without the need for human intervention.

The new feature also allows users to link together Ring devices through the Ring app to do all sorts of cool things automatically, such as activating the lights on a camera to illuminate your property as soon as motion is detected by a linked device, or link multiple video doorbells and security cameras to enable simultaneous recording when a linked device has detected motion (as long as you're subscribed to the Ring Protect service).

These may seem like relatively minor things, but better collaboration between security devices could be extremely useful in the case of an intruder, or the evidencing of other nearby illegal activity as and when it happens.

Amazon has also announced the new Fire TV Cube, which can connect with Ring devices to let you see who's at the front door through what most likely is the biggest, shiniest display in your home. There's even a deal going on where you can grab the Ring Video Doorbell 2 with the Fire TV Cube for £218.99, saving yourself £70 in the process.

The Linked Devices feature will roll out to all new Ring users over the next few weeks.

Featured image: Amazon