Rogue Botanist Wants to Fill the UK With Meat-Eating Plants

By Gary Cutlack on at

Did you know we have carnivorous plants right here in the UK? Well we do, although they're dying out because of us, so maybe soon we won't have them any more. That's why some random botanist fellow is stepping up to the crease, as wants to repopulate our battered environments with his beloved but threatened insect-trapping flora.

The particular carnivorous plant is the English sundew or Drosera anglica in olde worlde Darwinese, a plant that is currently tagged as being at red alert status on the endangered list thanks to only growing on around 20 sites across the country. The sundew favours wetlands and peat bogs, which we're drying out, burning, draining, building houses on and probably even processing and eating somehow, hence its struggles to stay alive.

The North West Rare Plant Initiative is hoping to sneak English sundew seedlings out across England and lead its revival, though, with founder Joshua Styles hoping to be like a god to these little plants and lead their comeback. Maybe he could breed really big ones that eat irritating people or train them to feast on dog poo, but he hasn't said anything about that. What he did say was he's reintroduced a few of the plants to Risley Moss near Warrington, where he hopes the 10 seedlings will seed themselves and grow hundreds of specimens next year, for the good of the biodiversity of the nation. [BBC]