Sci-Fi Miniseries Restoration Feels like Altered Carbon With a Case of the Body Snatchers

By Beth Elderkin on at

Seems like any other day. You head to the doctor to undergo a routine digital back-up of your consciousness, but find yourself suddenly trapped in someone else’s body. That’s the premise behind Restoration, an Australian sci-fi miniseries now available to watch for free online.

Created by Stuart Williams and Matthew Clayfield, Restoration is a five-part video series about a lawyer named Oliver Klein (Grant Cartwright) whose company offers to download his consciousness to have for a backup, in case of his death. After what seems like a routine backup, Oliver wakes up one month later in the body of a total stranger named Gavin Worth (Stephen Carracher), with no clue what happened or how to fix it. But, perhaps the weirdest thing is... Oliver’s still walking around too.

I won’t spoil what happens, but suffice to say Oliver’s predicament is not just an accident. You can watch the first episode above, and the rest of Restoration is available on Dust’s YouTube page.

Featured image: Midnight Snack Productions