Smart Cars Bin the Engines and Go Full Electric

By Gary Cutlack on at

The sort of people who own second small cars that fit in the boot of their main car for use in cities are going to have to face up to things being different from now on, as premiere very small car brand Smart is embracing an all-electric future and deleting all internal combustion options from the catalogues.

The entire 2020 Smart model range from the Daimler-owned brand is only available with an electric powertrain, as the carmaker risks the wrath of range obsessives by discontinuing all petrol engine options for now and forever. There's only one electric choice on offer too; a 41 kW motor across all three models, with the EQ fortwo, EQ fortwo cabrio and EQ forfour all powered by a 17.6kWh battery. That should give the cars a maximum theoretical range of slightly under 100 miles per charge, as those kinds of distances are how their owners indeed roll. [Smart]