Spitting Image Returns to Live-Satirise the Downfall of the USA

By Gary Cutlack on at

Satirical TV show Spitting Image is returning as was foretold and guesstimated a couple of years ago, after the show's original co-creator literally could not believe the vast amount of potential material being issued on silver platters by today's leaders of the free world, so decided to give it a go for a US TV network.

Obviously there's a Trump and the entire programme will no doubt be about the orange man of doom stumbling from one lie to another while using the fannies* of the world for support, but there will be screentime for another bringer-about of modern chaos; Mark Zuckerberg:

The problem surely is that these guys are already bulletproof untouchable caricatures in real life, so it's hard to image any form of satire actually bothering them in any way. They've taken all our shit and don't care. Plus America has spent the last three years mocking Trump daily on its late night TV chat shows and political comedy shows, all to no effect.

Oh, and they're already puppets, aren't they? Putin's puppets. Hey-hey. Give me a series, Comedy Network. Easy, this satire lark. [Guardian]

*US meaning.