Stamps Celebrate Elton John's Miraculous Hair Journey

By Gary Cutlack on at

Elton John's hair is the star of a new series of stamps from the Royal Mail, which chart the star's progress from thinning 1970s dad aesthetic to full-head 2000s boyish fluffiness via the mysterious 1980s hat period.

His hair was even grey for a bit in 1989 for the cover of Sleeping with the Past, immortalised today in the form of the £1.55 stamp for important large letters you can't risk sending with a normal first class one. In 1974 most of Elton's hair seemed to be drawn on his head for the cover of Caribou, before his head entered the dark winter of the hatted phase as illustrated on the cover of Captain Fantastic And The Brown Dirt Cowboy.

The hats did a wonder of good for him, though, bestowing restorative powers that allowed his follicles to rest and restore themselves, emerging uncovered and back in brown on the cover of 1992's The One. It's been quite a journey. Seeing as Elton's still famous, the only option for signed rarities is if you want to blow £200 on a set signed by Bernie Taupin; not his hairdresser but his songwriter. [Royal Mail]