Surrey-Based Company sends Raspberry Pi into Space to Take Pretty Pictures of Earth

By David Basch on at

The Raspberry Pi is a hugely versatile single board computer that can breathe live into a massive variety of tech projects, including gaming consoles, claw machines, desktop PCs, and robots, as well as providing an easy way to show kids how to code. Basically, it's a bloody great bit of kit.

Now, it can add space photography to its list of potential applications, as Surrey-based satellite company SSTL has attached a Raspberry Pi Zero mini PC to its spacecraft and sent it into orbit to take pretty pictures of the Earth. This isn't some specially equipped Raspberry Pi either, you could pop down your local high street and grab the same one right off the shelf (or purchase it on the internet if we're being realistic).

The pictures turned out fantastic, and there's even a little video to watch of the Raspberry Pi's adventures in space:

According to SSTL engineering director Rob Goddard, “We bought three (computers) and did some tests to see which one was performing the best – selected that and flew it... We put it in a metal box but fundamentally we didn't do anything to the Pi Zero.”

In fact, the tests went so well that the company is considering using Raspberry Pi computers for more of its space-faring missions in the future. Not bad for a £50 single board computer.[techradar]

Featured image: SSTL