Taika Waititi Skewers the Führer in the New Jojo Rabbit Trailer

By James Whitbrook on at

It is, for now and forever, definitely not a good time to be a Nazi.

Fox Searchlight – now of course owned by Disney, at least one executive of which has been rumoured to be concerned by the thought of releasing a satire taking aim at the very-easy-to-aim-at specter of delusional fascism – has just dropped a new trailer for Taika Waititi’s satirical, fantastical historical movieJojo Rabbit.

Set in the closing years of the Second World War, the movie follows the titular Jojo (Roman Griffin Davis), a young member of the Hitler Youth who just so happens to have an imaginary friend in the form of Adolf Hitler himself (Waititi). But when Jojo discovers that his mother (Scarlett Johansson) has been safeguarding a young Jewish girl (Thomasin McKenzie) from Nazi persecution, he must confront his imaginary friend – and his own blind devotion to the cruel nationalism of the Nazi party – with the realisation that, hey, maybe these fascists are up to something real bad.

If only more people these days would realise that. Anyway, Jojo Rabbit looks great, and hits cinemas in October.