The First Trailer for Netflix's In the Tall Grass Makes Even Grass Itself Petrifying

By James Whitbrook on at

This is worse than peak hay fever season. Well, actually, if you suffer from hay fever, this trailer is probably just gonna make your chest tight in sympathy.

Netflix just dropped the first trailer for In the Tall Grass, based on the novella by Stephen King and his son, Joe Hill – just one of the seemingly endless King adaptations making their way into our lives lately. Directed by Vincenzo Natali, the movie sees a young brother and sister (Laysla De Oliveira and Harrison Gilbertson) follow the cries of a distressed child into a field of tall grass.

Naturally, being a Stephen King-related story, things get downright creepy from there, as the two become separated and suddenly find that it’s not as easy to get out of the field as they had imagined.

As even more and more people start showing up as victims of the field – including Patrick Wilson! – it’s honestly surprising just how tense and claustrophobic the trailer manages to remain, especially when all it really can deal with is endless, endless shots of tall grass.

It’s effectively panic-inducing, just like you’d hope from an idea born of a team-up between King and his son.

You can get lost in the field too, when In the Tall Grass hits Netflix on October 4.